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Genre : Innovative Photography
Kandao - QooCAM 
360 | 3D | VR | 180 |  - 4K / 2K / 1080p - 120FPS / 60FPS / 30FPS

The First ever in the world 360|3D Interchangeable Camera

Brand Intro > 

Meet QooCam, a unique 3-lens camera that embodies signature features of 360° & 3D
technologies in one. With the cutting-edged depth map, cinematic stabilization, and an intuitive 
editing tool, QooCam empowers you to
film like a pro!


Product Features > 

3D VR 180 , 2D VR 360 , 4K Video , Refocus , Timelapse , Live streaming , 120FPS & Slow Motion , Video Stabilization , 

Apps Editor


Why QooCAM? > 

Amazing Images & Stabilization - Equipped with 3 High resolution fisheyelenses and built-in stabilization sensor, QooCam can Record 4K 360° Photos & Videos and can also create 3D 180° experience at the same time which allows you to take it to every adventure, keeping shots stable and detailed.

Who is QooCam for? > 

For those ​looking to take their photography into the next level. For those who wants to capture everything and misses not even a single shot. For those who loves sports and wants to record everything even from back to back - side to side front facing-up wards looking...we mean everything and not just something in front of you.

Why 360 & 3D now? 

As more and more​ social media platform are infusing their software to enable for users to view 360 and 3D movies and pictures such as in FACEBOOK & YOUTUBE. 

Making Videos more interesting & get more subscribers!!!

Product Line by Kandao >

Qoocam 360 | Obsidian R/S | Obsidian Go

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