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our Services. This is what we do. How we help our partnered brands in the Asian market.




Branding & Positioning is the most important facts in market penetration for any brands which has interest in penetrating in a particular market. We at Infinite Distribution has the ability to do market penetration through a multitude of Branding Strategy.

" We achieve new brands positioning through a multitude of marketing strategy "

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With a strong team at hand. Infinite Distribution is divided into 3 marketing teams. Team 01 - Product Marketing | Team 02 - Digital Marketing | Team 03 - Outreach Marketing. Although it may be different in terms but Team Infinite's marketing team is under one roof, working hands in hands with each other. Our ultimate goal is to create a dynamic marketing solutions which has the ultimate same goal. >

" Delivering an Impact with our       Partnered Brands "


Nothing is more important then Sales Conversion. Our ultimate Goal is to convert Sales for our Partnered Brands through our Sales Team. Our Sales Team is divided into 3 Teams which is Sales 01 - Indoor Sales | Sales 02 - Community Reach Sales | Sales 03 - ReSeller Sales Team

" Converting Sales to our targeted customers through a new way of sales approach "

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Support is as vital as the Sales Conversion. Many companies or brands today failed today not because of Materials but Service to their customers. Support is what it takes to develop a long term relationship and solidifying brand position in the market. We at Infinite Distribution has a strong support team in 3 areas that is Product Support - Community Support Team | Sales Support - ReSellers Sales Team | Warranty Support - After Sales Team. 

" Ensuring Good Brand Images through Delivering Strong After Sales Support "

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