Genre : Innovative Interactive Water Bottle

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We believe in transforming healthy habits through play into healthy living for a lifetime

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Smart Made Fun​ - Drinking Water awakens a virtual pet that lives inside the bottle, Engaging your child in play. Built in sensors technology that measures your child's fluid intake and relay the information to you through a linked mobile apps.

Learning through play - Together with their pet, your child is challenged to save the Gululu Universe from Doom. Through play children discovers that water has the power to nurture life, incentivizing healthy drinking habits.

Quality Companionship - Your child's virtual pet needs water to stay happy, grow and evolve. This mutual caregiving builds the foundation of joy in drinking water.

Power of Storytelling - The whimsical and creative world of Gululu awakens your child's imagination. Water is made magical paving the way for a lifelong of healthy living.

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Its an Interactive Water Bottle where your child can select a virtual pet and give care to them by drinking water, where they will be rewarded with ​their virtual pets crossing endless amount of levels and pets living in their water bottle.

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Gululu Talk & Gululu Go

Maintaing your Interactive Water Bottle?

Gululu has all the accessories you need for replacements of parts for your interactive water bottle

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