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Genre : Innovative Audio

Brand Intro > 

Crazybaby is a Premium Headphone Brand. Crazybaby is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with an R&D and manufacturing center in Shenzhen, China, and an acoustic lab in Japan. Crazybaby is a premium design-minded audio brand, fueled by its passion and dedication to best-in-class acoustic quality and a futuristic aesthetic, centered around the beauty of simplicity and ergonomic design.


Product Features > 

True Wireless Earbuds for Daily Commute, Sports, On-The-Go, Business, Studies, Gaming, Video Streaming, etc. 

Why Crazybaby? > 

For the one ​that wants to be different, looks different, hear different in comparison to the many sub-standard wireless earbuds and speakers in the market.

Who is Crazybaby for? > 

You can be a Music Lover, Student, Rebel, Audiophile, Entrepreneur, Artist, Sportsmen, Outdoors men,Fashionista, Trend Setter, Road-Warrior, Grab Driver, Commuter, Clerk, Designer, it does't matter. Crazybaby got you covered.

Product Line by Crazybaby >

Air | Air NANO | Air 1S | Mars | NANO 1S

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