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People at CAPDASE celebrate life with passion, most of them love music, some are game fanatics, some are ardent photographers, one thing in common is that every one of them cares about their gadgets as much as you do. You need protection for your gadgets, and sometimes you need enhancements and convenience, but you also want them all in a fashionable, stylish package, and so do we!

Powered by an ambition to satisfy consumer needs in the early days of PDAs and digital handhelds back in 2003 to nowadays mobile devices and electronic gadgets. CAPDASE is here to achieve just that: An enhanced experience with premium quality and technology. Throughout its rigorous design process, CAPDASE consistently seeks answers to an insatiable quest for innovation and perfection. Every step of the process, every piece of work are carefully planned, designed, tested and produced to achieve the final masterpiece. Making sure a high standard of premium quality and originality is our way of doing things.


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A well known international brand CAPDASE, headquarter based in Hong Kong, with a long history of providing high-quality premium products and accessories for gadgets and consumer electronics such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Smartphones, Mobiles, Notebook, and Tablet. Product type includes Case & Bag, Car Mount, Cable, Enhancement, Power, ScreenGuard… etc. Most of our products are officially certified with world-leading certification, such as Apple with MFI(Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad), CE, FCC. With the certification of Environmental Management System, our products also meet the requirements of the European RoHS.

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Capdase is a premium products maker for mobile accessories and electronics products. The brand alone guarantees the standard of all products bearing its logo. 

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