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a collaboration with Crazybaby Inc.

Initial Contact

Team Infinite Distribution scouted the Crazybaby brands in one of the reviews from the internet. Without further ado, the Brand Team initiated the contacts via Crazybaby Official Webpage. 


Proposals such as Road Map and Marketing Strategies to Brand Introductions will be proposed by Infinite Distribution for our Brand Principals approval and suggestions.

Agreement - NDA Signing

The Official Signing of Agreement between Infinite Distribution and Crazybaby

Product Certification from Local Authority

Crazybaby Products will be sent to Local Authority for Certification for Sales & Promotions in designated countries.

Setting Up the TEAM !

For every brand Infinite Distribution has been appointed as Main Distributor, There will be a Team Set-Up for 3 Main Channel to fully focus on the Brands inclusive of 3 Senior Staff from Team Infinite to Lead the Team.

Category 1 : Sales Channel 

Category 2 : Distribution Channel

Category 3 : Support Channel

Initial Stock Order 

Initial Stock Orders will be placed to start brand introductions to re-sellers (online & offline)

Products in the Market!

Initial Stock Orders will be placed to start brand introductions to re-sellers. 

Support from Infinite for Crazybaby

The Support Team comes in 3 Categories such as >

Category 1 : Re-Sellers RMA

Category 2 : Product Support through Official Web Site operated by Infinite

Category 3 : Land Line Calls - Labels in Every Products Packaging 

Marketing Edited.png

With a strong team at hand. Infinite Distribution is divided into 3 marketing teams. Team 01 - Product Marketing | Team 02 - Digital Marketing | Team 03 - Outreach Marketing. Although it may be different in terms but Team Infinite's marketing team is under one roof, working hands in hands with each other. Our ultimate goal is to create a dynamic marketing solutions which has the ultimate same goal. >

" Delivering an Impact with our       Partnered Brands "

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